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"I feel more confident about demonstrating moving and handling techniques"

Occupational Therapist


LPS Training link  Hoisting guidelines from the HSE

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Useful links
Useful Books And Publications
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Please note that LPS Training and Consultancy Ltd is not responsible for the content of external websites.

National Back Exchange

Accessible Holiday Hotels

Back Care (formerly known as the National Back Pain Association)

Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Manual handling advice and regulations

Changing Places.  A website with details of public toilets and changing facilities to include hoists and changing beds. now celebrating the opening of their 500th toilet!

Medical Devices Agency (MDA). Website with what's new and search functions

National Institute for Clinical Excellence. Guidelines on a number of subjects associated including pressure sore prevention and prevention of falls

MASCIP An association providing a professional forum and access to useful resources on the promotion of standards for the care of patients with spinal cord injuries.


Yorkshire Care Equipment

A website that has a wide range of Moving and Handling equipment as well as as other care products

Mediven - make accessories for the application of compression stockings

Prism Medical - hoists, slings and small handling aids

Hospital Direct - small handling aids -

Oxford Hoists - hoists and slings -

Liko - Hoists and slings -

Cromptons - slide sheets and theatre canvas -

Nordic Care - small handling aids -

Huntleigh Arjo - beds, hoists and slings

Biston - wheelchair bag and backpack for carers

Minivator - portable gantry hoist for sale or hire. It can be folded - excellent to use for travelling.

Ergokneeler - a small kneeling cushion for use when working at low height.  Lots of useful research and evidence about the risk of working at low levels on this website.


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If you find anything you think should be added to this list, please let us know.



Manual Handling in Health and Social Care. An A-Z of the Law, By Michael Mandelstam.

HSE Manual Handling - Guidance of Regulations (Manual Handling Operations Regulations) 3rd Edition 2004. Available from HMSO or HSE

Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 – Approved Code of practice and Guidance. £8. Available from HMSO or HSE

Safe use of lifting equipment regulations 1998 (LOLER) – Approved code of practice and guidance. £8. Available from HMSO or HSE

HSE Guidance document to describe 'How the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations apply to health and social care'.  Free download.  Available from HSE loler guidance

Safe use of work equipment regulations 1998 (PUWER) – Approved code of practice and guidance. £8. Available from HMSO or HSE

SIMPLE GUIDE TO THE LOLER (see above) and PUWER REGULATIONS A short leaflet from the HSE. Free for single copies or available to buy in packs on 15 from HSE Books ISBN: 0 7176 2430 7. Available from HMSO or HSE

Display Screen equipment work – guidance on regulations (Health and safety (display screen equipment) regulations 1992. reprinted 2000. £5.75. Available from HMSO or HSE


hoisting guidelines from HSEThe HSE has recently published "Getting to grips with hoisting people".

This is available free online, just click the above link.

HSE Handling Home Care ISBN: 0-7176-2228-2 £9.50. Available from HSE

Safer Handling of People in the Community £16.99+ £3.10 P&P. Available from Backcare

HSE Manual Handling Assessment Charts. ISBN: 0 7176 2741 1A Free leaflet for assessing load handling tasks. Available from HSE

HSE Health and Safety in Care Homes ISBN: 0-7176-2082-4. Available from HSE

HSE Manual Handling - Solutions you can handle. Available from HSE

Manual Handling in the Health Services £9.75. ISBN: 0-7176-1248-1. Available from HSE

New hoisting guidelines from HSE


Guidance in Manual Handling for Chartered Physiotherapists £5. Available from the CSP Tel: 020 7306 6666 or downloadable from the CSP website


The Guide to Handling People, 6th Edition - £39.99 available from BackCare.

Moving and Handling People: An illustrated Guide, edited by Sue Ruszala, available for £27 from

Standards in Manual Handling, 3rd Edition.  Available for £10 from National Back Exchange.

Manual Handling of Children, National Back Exchange, by Carole Johnson and Pat Alexander.  £15 available from National Back Exchange.


The Biomechanics of Back Pain ISBN: 0-443-06207-2 £27.99. Available from Russell Medical Tel: 01684 311 444

Teaching, Training and Learning - a practical guide (4th Edition) by I Reece & S Walker ISBN: 1 901888 17 7. Available from Business Education Publishers Ltd

Evidence-Based Patient Handling Tasks, equipment and interventions. By S Hignett et al. ISBN: 0-415-24632-6. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group

Managing Back Pain and For Your Neck (self help manuals). Available from Saunders (UK) Ltd, Tel: 01323 833 353


Unsafe Patient Handling Techniques Short informative video/DVD. £26.50 for National Back Exchange members, £31.50 non members. Available from Essex Group, National Back Exchange c/o Jan Perry Manual Handling Coordinator, Narvik House, Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, Hamstel Road, Harlow, Essex, CM20 1QX


Resuscitation Council (UK). Guidance for safer handling during resuscitation in hospitals

Computer Workstation Set-up. Nice colourful poster - free to download.

Understanding Ergonomics at Work. A free HSE leaflet.

Working with VDU's (Visual Display Units – or Computers!). A free HSE leaflet.

Sling Record

This is a set of 16 templates, each one featuring a commonly used type of sling.  The use of "Sling Record" reduces the risk that a carer will use the wrong sling or apply it incorrectly.  Cost is £14.99 and is available from clinical

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